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Learn how to properly care for your garments

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Garment Care Instructions

Do you know how to store your Glam Vault Collection away in your personal Glam Vault? 

 When purchasing any of our custom apparel items we want to make sure all of our customers are fully educated with the proper care to keep the longevity of the garments.

*Indicated below are general care instructions according to fabric. For safe results, always test laundering on a small or hidden area of the garment first. Please note that these are general recommendations. For more accurate guidelines, please follow the specific care instructions indicated on the garment label.


Glam Vault Recommended Garment Care: 

Cotton- Machine wash in cold water, normal wash cycle. Tumble dry on low setting.

Denim- Machine wash inside-out in warm water, gentle wash cycle. Lay flat to dry highly recommended.

Faux Fur- Faux fur must be dry cleaned, and we recommend to always check with your specific dry cleaner that they know how to work with the fabric. Combing your Faux Fur is how you keep it fresh, and you can also do spot cleaning yourself. Spray a little bit of water on the coat using a clean spray bottle, comb through with a natural bristle brush, and blow dry on a cool setting. It's like a faux-fur pampering session. Also, don't sit on dirty seats.

Elastane- Machine wash in mesh washing bag in cold water, gentle wash cycle. Lay flat to dry, or tumble dry on low setting. Iron on low setting. Dry clean is not recommended.

Satin- Hand wash in cold water, or machine wash on gentle wash cycle. Do not wring, squeeze, or twist. Lay flat to dry. Iron inside-out on low setting with no steam.

Polyester- Machine wash inside out in warm water, permanent press cycle. Tumble dry on low setting.